How to Apply to Be a mIssionary

Missions of Hope is a missionary society and a missionary cover organization. We are committed to supporting the missionaries through encouragement and spiritual support while at the same time providing for the practical needs of missionaries (such as fundraising assistance, mission management, and missionary coaching).

Missions of Hope welcomes all women and men to apply as missionaries if they feel the Lord calling them to be a committed long-term servant. We are always in need of individuals with a wide variety of gifts and talents. Most importantly, we want committed and enthusiastic missionaries who are willing to make sacrifices,  work hard for the Kingdom of God, and are eager to grow. 

Missionary applicants should be:

  • Age 21 or older
  • In possession of a college degree or equivelant work experience
  • Willing to commit to a minimum of six months of service (Domestic missionaries may be able to serve for shorter periods of time such as summer breaks)
  • The ability to communicate effectively in English
  • A US Citizen or eligible to work in the US (some exceptions made for foreign missions)

Missionary applicants should have:

  • A genuine and personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • A commitment to community,  simple living, and Christian spirituality
  • Flexibility, joyful sense of humor, and willingness to work hard and be uncomfortable at times

There is a possibility that some positions may require additional credentials including but not limited to:

  • Foreign language competency
  • Teaching certification
  • Medical credentials

We consider all applicants regardless of age, culture, economic status, ethnic origin, gender, or physical challenge.