Meet Fr. Francis Therese Krautter

Brother Francis Therese is a priest and professed religious of the Community of Saint John ( currently (2011 - present) on mission in Salvador, Brazil.  He finished his final year of Theological Formation in 2011 at the Community’s Mother House in Rimont, France and was ordained in June 2014.  Before finishing his Theological Studies in France, Br. Francis Therese spent three years on Apostolic Mission in Laredo Texas - not far from his native city of Austin. Prior to his mission in Laredo, Br. Francis Therese spent five years in the community’s Novitiates both in Princeville, Illinois and St. Jodard France. The brothers concentrate on Philosophy for the first four years of their formation - especially that of Aristotle, and Realistic Philosophy as taught by Fr. Marie-Dominique Philippe o.p. the founder of the Community of Saint John.  Br. Francis Therese had the opportunity to study directly under Fr. Marie-Dominique Philippe during the final three years of his life (2003-2006).

    Br. Francis Therese’s main mission in Salvador is pastoral care and work in the favela Alto da Esperança. He worked with a fundraising team in the United States and raised awareness for the mission with the children and youth in 2012. The first major step of Project Alto was the renovation of the mission house “Mary Magdalene,” completed in 2013. The second step was beginning afternoon programs in art, music, theatre and dance for the children with the help of missionaries and locals in 2014. In 2015, with the help of missionaries and a local team, the activities with the children will be further structured and expanded to include afterschool tutoring and English. As of December 2014, Br. Francis Therese and the missionaries have also entered into a relationship with OSID (Social Works of Sister Dulce - which will allow for more mission opportunities and the creation of a bakery school located at the Convent where the brothers reside. More information about the Brother’s mission and the missionaries may be found at

    Brother Francis Therese is a musician and composer. He has written a number of pieces for liturgical celebrations, many of which have been used at the Eagle Eye Summer Sessions and Conferences hosted by the Community in Illinois and North Dakota. He is also working directly with Fr. Nathan Cromly on a summer program in its fifth year at St. Mary’s University in Bismark, ND called Ecclesia. Ecclesia is a program designed to provide a deeply Catholic formation in Commmunity, Liturgy, and Evangelization while at the same time earning undergrad or graduate credit hours in Philosophy and Theology - for more information, see

     Brother Francis Therese is very fond of cooking, especially pizza and pasta. He enjoys gardening when he has the time and space, and appreciates the marvels of science and technology. He is currently working on a book based on his thesis from the last years of his Theological studies. The book will be a philosophical and theological study of the five love languages as presented by Dr. Gary Chapman. It is a Philosophical study of emotional intelligence, and a Theological study of the person as gift. For more information and some early drafts of the content for his book see: