Meet Craig Johring

Since 2006 Craig has mentored college students and worked with the poor in Mexico City.  He works with street kids to help transform their lives by giving them hope, encouragement, and help with their basic needs clothing, blankets, shoes and food. He collaborates with the Basilica of Guadalupe on projects to help the poor living on the streets or in safe homes near the Basilica. Each year he hosts groups of college students who come to Mexico City on mission trips to learn from the poor. In 2012 he brought the founders of the Mexico City based pro life home to his home state of Nebraska on a mission trip that resulted in a home being established in Omaha to save the lives of young mothers and their babies. Craig has worked for many years on projects in Mexico City to end human trafficking. He helped produce the Volviendo documentary that is being used by churches and organizations to end human trafficking in Latin America.  Underlying Craig’s heart for the poor is the vision to bring together people to work together and share resources for bringing people to Christ.