We started in 2004 with a small mission in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Since then we have sponsored more than 400 missionaries who served on every continent. Today we are growing rapidly as aspiring missionaries are gaining the confidence to answer Christ's radical call to step out into the deep.


All of these services are free.

100% of donations that the missionaries raise go directly to them with NO administrative fee taken out.  

This is by far the biggest advantage that missionaries see in Missions of Hope. 

What Makes Us Unique

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide everything that missionaries need to go send missionaries and to keep missionaries sent. We offer five main types of services to missionaries -- all completely free with no administrative fees taken out of the funds that they raise.

  1. Onboarding: There are so many people who want to be missionaries but very few know how to be missionaries. Many vocations go unanswered because of the difficulty. Our on boarding process helps missionaries learn the basics of nonprofits, fundraising, marketing their ministry, and sustaining support.

  2. Fundraising: We coach missionaries through the fundraising process. It's likely that most missionaries are able to get enough together for a short term mission without problems. Staying the mission field for years without spending an excessive amount of time on fundraising is very challenging, but our coaches have all done it and are doing it. This has proven to be a huge advantage to our missionaries. 
  3. Networking: With over 400 alumni missionaries, we have a huge network around the world. When missionaries decide what they want to do and where they want to do it we are able to assist them with the network to accomplish it. We also place missionaries with already existing organizations when it is the best option.
  4. Logistics: Accepting donations, processing payments, sending money to missionaries in the field, assisting them with making payments, insurance, retirement planning, accepting mail and packages for those living over seas, providing tax documentation, coaching through the international moving process, obtaining visas... these are just a few of the logistical services we are assisting missionaries with. 
  5. Spiritual Enhancement: Believe it or not, there is not much spiritual development in understanding the missionary vocation -- especially from a lay and married perspective. We offer forums, counseling, and spiritual enhancement opportunities for our missionaries as we develop an understanding and identity of missions together. These include virtual meetings, annual mission conferences, retreats, and pilgrimages.