Meet Kevin and Kara Kacvinsky

Married in June 2012, the Kevin and Kara are the founders of Missions of Hope. It's been a long time in it's development and they've got so many stories about how God has moved through so many people to get the Society where it is today. They currently volunteer to manage the operations for the society. Missions are nothing new for the couple, in fact they met while serving the homeless under a bridge in Pittsburgh. They find great purpose in serving missionaries and to make missions possible for young people. They can NOT wait to start a family and intend to raise their family in the mission field. Kevin and Kara are currently serving with the Community of Saint John in Salvador, Brazil. Since mission is a lifestyle for them, they will continue their missionary service wherever God calls them. They love to stay in touch with their family, friends, and benefactors through their Facebook page and their Blog



We live in a small favela (slum) run by drug-traffickers. In this little community we do a lot of work with children after school as well as ministries that revolve around building a prayer presence in the favela's Catholic chapel. All of the work we are doing is in collaboration with the Community of St. John here in Salvador, Brazil.  Kevin is helping the community with their finances and assists with the operations of lay missions while Kara is working with street children after school. You can learn a lot more about what we are doing in one of our blog posts that explains this in more detail. Click here to read it.

How You Can Help

We understand that we have already asked many of you for money for missions in our lives and we do not want to be constantly pestering all of you with requests for donations. It would mean a lot to us to have a great deal of broad support for our missions (this one and the many others we will be part of in our lives)... that's why we made a new way to support us. Rather than fundraising for each of our missionary endeavors individually, we wanted to make a way for our friends and family to stay with us on our journey, without the burden of constant requests for money.  Therefore, we are asking our family and friends to consider giving $5 per month to support us.  With that comes a promise that we will not bombard you with requests for money. We know that for some that is a lot and for others that is very doable. What we are looking for is to develop a large group of small monthly support partners - many hands make the work light. If you would consider helping us build our mission budget by a small monthly donation, that would be greatly appreciated.