Where do you send me if I apply?

Unlike most missionary societies, we do not tell you where to go, what work to do, or how to do your ministry. Our discernment process is completely unique in that we assist you with praying about and discerning where you are supposed to go, what work you are to do there, and what your mission will be. Then, and only then, do we begin to align the logistics. This helps us to ensure that we are not restricting the Holy Spirit. 

What about my student loans?

Unfortunately, many people do not go on mission because of their student loans. While they do present a challenge, many missionaries have overcome this obstacle successfully. 

For missionaries seeking a short term mission, we can assist students in deferring their loans for volunteer service. For those missionaries and families that intend to make this a long-term or lifelong endeavor need to face their student loans. We believe in taking steps to aggressively pay them off in the shortest amount of time possible. Since they are a hinderance to funding other areas of your mission we believe in taking additional steps to pay them off quicker. Consult with one of our councilors to discuss this if it is a concern for you. 

How do I pay my bills if I am a missionary?

We assist missioanries with planning their personal finances. This includes the fundraising and well as the acceptance of the funds for paying your living expenses and other needs while on mission. The funds that are for your needs while on mission are sent electronically by email for the ease of accepting these funds while on mission. 

How Long is the commitment?

A minimum of six months, but a preference for missionaries who are looking more long term than that. Missions of Hope is focused on sponsoring missionaries who are focused being missionaries as a vocation. We spend a great deal of time and money preparing missionaries, so we want to make sure the people we are investing in are staying in the mission field long term for the sake of the Gopel.

Do I need to fill out two applications if I'd like to apply for two missions?

No, please indicate the missions that interest you on your application (there are check boxes). Your application will be forwarded to both mission coordinators.

Does Missions of Hope consider applicants from outside of the U.S.?

Yes, on occasion. 

What are the financial arrangements during the term of service?

Missionaries fundraise for both their living expenses and mission expenses. This may seem overwhelming at first, but Missions of Hope focuses on building a missionary support network of monthly benefactors for each missionary. Our missions are run on biblical principles and as a community of believers, each mission shares expenses and missionaries contribute as the Lord has provided for them. Missions of Hope gives 100% of the fundraised money to the mission for which it was intended without subtracting administrative fees, which allows missionaries to reach their fundraising goals faster. Fundraising is conducted by mission (not on an individual basis) and missionaries are not entitled to bring their fundraised funds with them if they leave the mission.

Is it a requirement to fundraise prior to going on mission?

Yes. Missions of Hope is a registered 501(c)(3) organization and we rely on donations to help support our operations. Fundraising is the foundation for our ability to bring Christ’s hope to the world. Do not think of fundraising as an annoying part of mission... think of it as extending an invitation to others to be part of the mission. Some missionaries go by giving and others give by going. Financially contributing to missions is a missionary task equal to that of actually going. All funds are used for mission related expenses. You are not required to fundraise prior to acceptance, however fundraising commitments are expected after missionaries are accepted.  There is a great deal of support and ideas shared among missionaries and with the Missions of Hope staff and coaches. 

Will I have health/life insurance as a missionary?

Health and life insurance coverage is a requirement to serve as a missionary with Missions of Hope. Group health insurance, life insurance, and emergency evacuation insurance are all available through Missions of Hope for long term missionaries. Long term missionaries are able to pay for these premiums using fundraised money as long as they are serving long term. 

Will I have vacation time?

All missionaries are given ample time to rest so that they may be energized for full-time service. Frequent trips home are discouraged, as a focus needs to be on being present to the people with whom you are commissioned to serve. Depending on the mission, the expense for vacation, and other factors, a reasonable vacation is very possible. 

What would happen if I don't like my position?

Missions of Hope places no restrictions on the Holy Spirit. If you are unhappy serving at a current location you will work with a member of our staff to pray and talk about what it is that is difficult for you. Difficulties are part of a mission. If the hang-up is something that you must overcome, Missions of Hope will provide you with added support to do that. If, however, it is determined that the cause of your dissatisfaction would be better corrected some other way, other alternatives will be considered. It is possible to move missions. It is also possible for a problem missionary to be asked to leave the mission field. 

Can I live on my own or do I have to be part of a community?

It is essential to the missionary society that missionaries live in community. In some situations, such as families, it is determined that living independently is necessary, however active participation in the missionary community is essential. 

Can I arrange to go on mission with a friend or pick my roommate?

Missionary selection is a discernment process and each applicant will be treated as an individual (with the exception of married couples). Dating couples ordinarily cannot go on mission together and unmarried couples may not live together while on mission. 

What can I expect of a missionary lifestyle?

A rewarding career with a tight/modest budget, community living, simple accommodations, and living in solidarity with those we serve. 

Can my family and friends call and visit me while I’m on mission?

In many cases, hearing from or seeing family and friends is refreshing. It is possible depending on the situation and needs of your mission site. Missionaries who make excessive phone calls or have very frequent visitors will be asked by the community to moderate these things so that the focus can be on the mission at hand.

What do I do if I'm interested?

Just reach out to us. When you request an application a member of our team will reach out to you and discuss some of the different aspects of Missions of Hope with you. Requesting an application is not a commitment to be a missionary. 

How much does it cost to be a missionary?

This depends on many factors including what country and city you will be going to, how long you will be there, what type of ministry you are doing, if you are alone or with others, etc. A major consideration for missionaries is student loans as well. A six month mission, for example, can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $25,000. We can assist you with figuring out your budget for your mission and well as how to reduce your expenses. Please read our question on student loans for more information. 

How much are missionaries paid?

We do not pay our missionaries a salary. Our missionaries are independent, meaning we are solely providing them with the means to carry out their work. Because of this, all of our missionaries are responsible for sustaining themselves while on mission. While we have means to assist you with some financial things, such as adding you to missionary health insurance programs or helping you with start-up needs, we do not employ missionaries.

Can I have a job while I am a missionary?

Yes. There are many examples from scripture of missionary endeavors. Some lived solely on divine providence, while others had other trades. Saint Paul was a tent maker and he worked to provide for himself and fundraising for his ministry expenses. We have missionaries on both ends of the spectrum. We highly encourage the more challenging, yet more rewarding path of relying on divine providence since, in the experience of our more veteran missionaries, this tends to deepen faith and allow one to focus more on their mission than the other options. There is something about fully relying on God that makes missionaries extremely effective.

Who can be a missionary?

We are all called to be missionaries by virtue of our baptism. Some missionaries are called to be missionaries ad gentes, that is "to the nations" while others are called in more simple ways. Missions of Hope focuses on long term mission opportunities and those individuals or families who are called to be committed missionaries for life. This shouldn’t scare you away. Missions of Hope welcomes men and women who are over 21 years of age, have a college degree or work experience, and are serious Christians willing to commit their lives to the service of the Gospel. Some restrictions do exist, for example, health concerns and physical capabilities especially for international missions. Request a missionary application here.

Do I have to go on an already established mission or can I start my own?

You can do whatever God wants of you in total freedom. If God is calling you to be a missionary, the most important thing is
that you do God's work in God's way. If you think you might be called to start a new mission, tell us about it!

How likely is it that I will be accepted if I apply?

Our missions have different needs at different times. We do not focus on meeting quotas or filling positions, but on placing people where they are in the best service to God. Many individuals apply to me missionaries, but few people make it through the process and actually go on mission. There is a lot more to planning and going on mission than meets the eye. Often times there are months of planning and preparations. Missions of Hope focuses on the individual gifts and talents that each individual possesses as well as the desires of his or her heart. We are in need of missionaries domestically, abroad, and in administrative roles... so there is something for everyone. 

What is the application process?

The application process takes several weeks to several months. A great deal of prayer goes into the selection of missionaries and choosing together where the Lord might be calling them to serve. Fundraising is also an essential element in the process and these things take time. Upon submitting an application you  will be contacted by the mission site or a member of our staff for a phone or Skype interview. We will proceed from there. 

What should I think about before applying?

Before you apply you should really think and pray about what it is that God is calling you to. Answer this question honestly: Why do I want to apply to be a missionary and what is it I feel called to do? We do not accept missionaries who want to go on mission because they “think it will be fun” or “want to experience something new.” Missionary placement is a serious task that should focus on a call and a purpose. Once you apply there will be a lot of discussions about the desires of your heart so the more prayer and preparation you do before applying the smoother the process will go.

Are married couples permitted to be missionaries?

Enthusiastically.  It must, however, be a unified decision. 

What regular community obligations will I have?

Missionaries in community pray together daily, attend Mass together on Sundays, and should be expected to spend a significant amount of time together when not in direct mission to the people they serve. Each mission has it's own requirements and these will be made clear at the outset.

Am I permitted to have friends outside of the mission?

Yes! Missions of Hope is not a social club, it’s a community. Think of Missions of Hope as your family – you have certain obligations while living at home, but you are encouraged to have friends and companions besides those in your mission. 

Are the missions safe?

Some missions are safer than others.  While Missions of Hope makes every effort to make the mission sites as safe as possible, there are always dancers in working in a ministry setting especially in foreign countries. 

How is Missions of Hope different from other mission programs?

Missions of Hope is a unique missionary experience. The freedom that the missionaries receive is unparalleled as well as the ability of the missionaries to use 100% of their fundraised monies for their mission without paying an administrative fee to is unprecedented. 

How does Missions of Hope prepare me for mission?

Missions of Hope offers missionaries with a coach, a community, a structure, and ongoing support. Some missions require prior training and this is usually accomplished through a preliminary trip made to the mission site before long term service beings.