Serving the Elderly in Nigeria

Jude Opara (the Messenger)

Jude Opara (the Messenger)

Jude Opara Memorial Old Peoples’ Home


May the Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you and your family, Amen.

My name is Rosemary Williams, and I am married with three children, two boys and one girl. I live in San Diego, California. Also, I am a Registered Nurse by profession. I take care of the elderly people, and my job duty covers the home care nursing that include the home heath, palliative, and hospice care nursing. I am affiliated with the American Public Health Association.

My intention is to establish the organization at my home community in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. As a child, I grew up in a family of eight children. Our parents had seven children but raised eight children altogether because they adopted our mother’s nephew whose mother died when he was infant. We were all given equal opportunity in life, we all became successful. 

Our parents were devoted Christians, who believed and practiced the doctrine of Catholic Faith until the end of their individual lives. Also, between the month July 2015, and March of 2016, we lost two siblings including Bro. Jude Opara (KSM), who was assassinated by some unknown armed bandits. Growing up, I was active in the church and participated in many of the church activities. I demonstrated Charisma in leading some of the church societies including the Mary League society, St. Anthony of Padua society, Laity, Catholic youth organization, Block Rosary Society, and Church Choir to performing corporal work of mercy within our vicinity.  I equally joined other church organizations as ordinary member.

Under my leadership, the Mary League society, and the Catholic Youth organization respectively performed wide range of charitable activities such as fetching firewood, fetching water, sweeping and cleaning compounds, working the farm of the elderly people in our community, and more. The St. Anthony’s Guild visited many sick people, assisting them with their chores, and praying for them. We performed various compassionate care services to the people in need, the old and the young. The God Almighty picked me up from my community and brought me to the United States of America free of charge. I won the Lottery Visa, and it was marvelous. How can I thank him enough?

I traveled home this year, in the month April to bury my beloved late brother, Jude Opara (the Messenger), who was assassinated in cold blood by a group of armed bandit, and encountered a life changing event. My heart was broken from the encounter I had with some of the elderly people I met at home. Those disabled elderly individuals were suffering in abject poverty, desperate for help, hungry, but no one to care for them. I suffered with them because I could not do enough to help them out in their vulnerable situations.

Although, I had always had the ambition that one day, I will establish a skilled nursing facility to care for the elderly population at home, what I experienced during my one week stay at Amakohia-Ubi Owerri, in Imo State Nigeria, never gave me a peace of mind. I decided that this is the time to intervene and help my people because tomorrow is too far. One elderly woman was laying down on the floor, and explained to me that she could not sleep on her bed because she wet a lot. She was completely immobile. She lived alone but some kind hearted neighbors visit and check on her. There was no diaper, no wheelchair, no walker, no good food, and she was just there on the floor. She was filled with joy to seem my sister and I visit her, and she died one month later.

Please, help me to help my needy elderly individuals in my community.

  • My Mission is to establish a non-profit oriented organization to care for the vulnerable seniors within Owerri in Imo State, Nigeria.
  • My vision is that the organization will grow to accommodate as many of the disabled elderly men and women to give them hope, dignity, and alleviate their psychosocial sufferings.
  • My goal is to establish a descent facility, employee capable workers that will provide adequate health care related services to the residents of the organization.
  • My second goal is to provide job opportunities to the young people in my community, to help them and their families. Nigerian economy is bad.
  • My objectives are to: Provide quality care to the organization’s residents by providing them with: shelter, beds, caregivers, three decent meals a day, administer routine multivitamin and pain relieving medications to them, provide functional and recreational activities that will help to improve their quality of lives.

Jude Opara Memorial Old Peoples’ Home will need help to equip the facility with the following items:

Durable medical supplies that include: Hospital Beds, Mattresses, Wheelchair, Walkers, Bedside commode, Van, deep freezers, gas cooker, televisions, and others.

Non-Durable items that include: Diapers, Medications, and others.

My brother Jude Opara emulated and cherished our father’s Christian faith, and followed in his footsteps, which earned him the name “Moses’ walking cane”. Unfortunately, life was cut short at the age of 53, by the ungodly men. He was a role module for the Amakohia-Ubi Community and Owerri at large, highly spiritual and prayerful. He was married with five children, whose ages are between three years to fourteen years. He was honored as the Ezinna of Holy Cross Parish Ndegwu. Brother Jude Opara (KSM), was an advocate for justice, prudence, and equal opportunity. Ezinna Jude Opara was impeccable in his dedication to the service of humanity. He was a member of the Holy Order of the Knight of Saint Mulumba (KSM).

            Jude was my beloved brother, and I called him “the messenger” because of his devotion to the service of God and humanity. Please help me to continue the good work of my late brother Jude Chukwudi Opara, and touch the old and young as it pleases the God Almighty.

Thank you for reaching out to help the needy and the vulnerable elderly populations in my community. May the Almighty God reward you abundantly. Amen.


To God be the Glory, Amen!